Regular Income | Long Term Stability

The Secret to being wealthy is to
make your money work for you…

Our investment options give you just that.

Altron Investment Plan

Altron Investment plan allows you plan and invest towards a particular goal such as purchasing a home, a car, planning a vacation, etc. It is geared towards helping you achieve the target amount by making monthly fixed investments within a time frame.

High Yield Investment Note

This is for savvy investors to maximize high returns on their investment. It offers highly competitive rate and longer tenor on funds invested.

Prestige Education Plan

It allows parent/guardians invest towards their child’s education and also their own individual education. The aim is to earn an attractive return on your investment towards securing quality education.

Fixed Income Investment Note

This is for individuals seeking low risk investment opportunities that provide a fixed and attractive rate of return over a specific period not less than 90 days.

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